Minimalist and Abstract designs that inspire and connect.

Be aware of what you wear! You don't have to wear that big logo on your chest.

Hi! Mindfulme here. I am the artist behind

I believe hat the future will empower individual makers and small organizations.
I want to invite you to support this shift in retail towards a deeper experience where you can really connect with the creator of the product you're wearing.

Buying from this shop is much more than supporting an artist. All products here respect a social responsibility chart that guarantees :

•No child labor
•Respect for the environment
•Non discrimination of any kind.

Premium Designs and Super Comfortable Apparel,
printed in water based inks and shipping from USA.

Dress well, but keep it simple ...
Take Care and be mindful.

 They've tried and are loving it!


Here is a glimpse of what you can find on theShop

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On the quest of becoming a better self we may need some motivation on a regular basis.
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When there is hope in the future, there is power in the present.

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